Will Soft Water Make A Difference In Your Home?

Are you not happy with the quality of the water in your home, and you're considering a whole home water softener to fix it? This device helps remove the minerals that are found in water, such as magnesium and calcium, which may cause your water to be less desirable to use. Here are some of the key differences you'll see by having soft water. 

Easier Lather In The Shower

Ever notice how you try to get a good lather with your soap in the shower and those bubbles have a hard time forming? This is due to the magnesium found in your hard water, which makes it difficult for soap to lather. Soft water is going to create a more enjoyable showering experience due to having less magnesium and allowing the bubbles to easily form when scrubbing.

Less Soap Scum

The magnesium and calcium in the water also contributes to problems like soap scum in your shower. The soap actually will bind with those minerals, which cause it to stick to the walls of your shower stall. You end up having a lot of unnecessary buildup of soap scum in your shower simply due to the water quality. Using a water softener will actually help your shower stay cleaner as a result. 

Less Limescale 

Do you have limescale that collects around your faucets? This is caused by the minerals in the water solidifying on surfaces once the water evaporates and the minerals are left behind. It can make your beautiful household faucets look terrible, and it will keep happening no matter how many times you clean them. A whole home water softener will get rid of the mineral from the water prior to it reaching the faucet, so you won't have to deal with major limescale buildups again.

Softer Clothing

Feeling dissatisfied with the way that your clothes are coming out of the washing machine? This could be due to hard water. It can make fabrics feel stiff, cause whites to become discolored, and even weaken the fabrics over time and cause them to easily tear. The only solution to this problem is to make sure that soft water is going into your washing machine so that you prevent this from happening.

Cleaner Dishes 

Another hard water problem that you may notice are dishes that look dirty after they come out of the dishwasher. Glasses can look a bit cloudy, and dishes may have a bit of a film on them. This is due to those minerals drying on the surface, and you'll need to wash the dishes with soft water to prevent it from happening.

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