Picking Barstools For Your Kitchen Island

If you have an island in your kitchen, getting seats for it might have been on your mind for some time. When you're finally ready to pick out some barstool seats for the space, keep these seating issues in mind.

Plans for Using the Chairs

The types of barstools you buy will depend on what you want to use them for. If the family will be using them as a spot to eat a quick lunch, decorative wood stools or metal stools might work. However, if you plan to use the island as a legitimate bar area and serve drinks and appetizers there regularly, you might instead opt for deep-seated, more comfortable stools that have backs on them.

Mess and Maintenance

Another consideration should be about how many spills and crumbs might end up on the stools. If you have young kids and cleanup might be considerable, metal stools could be the easiest to clean regularly. However, if you only plan to use the stools so the island can be used for school projects or a surface for various electronic devices, you might choose upholstered stools instead. 

Overall Kitchen Decor

Of course, the rest of the fixtures and furniture in your kitchen need to be taken into consideration when choosing barstools. If you have wood cabinets and a wood table, you might select wood stools to keep with the overall appearance. However, don't lock yourself in; you might find that metal stools with a pop of color look amazing despite an all-wood room. 


There are different heights that you can choose from when picking out island stools. To know the right height for your particular stools, think about where you plan to keep the stools when they're not in use. If you can tuck them underneath your island so no one stumbles into them, you'll need to be mindful of how high your island is. If you're comfortable with leaving the barstools along the edge of the island, you might select a higher height. 

Height is also important for your comfort. You may want your feet will touch the ground while you're sitting on a stool, or you might want to be up higher. Take accurate measurements before looking at stools in a display room.

These factors should give you a guide to use when choosing suitable barstools for your kitchen island. Keep your mind open and your measurements close so your final choice works well in your home.

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