Promoting Health And Safety In Your Business Through Signage

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic has provided business owners with unique challenges. Whether their doors are open to the public or the building is limited to only staff, maintaining proper health and safety protocols is essential. One way to promote public health initiatives is through business signage. Working with your sign company to create custom-printed signage can reinforce your brand's commitment to fighting the pandemic and helping minimize the spread of germs throughout any cold and flu season. Here are some ideas for signage to consider in your building.

Social Distancing Floor Signage

Floor signs placed approximately 6 feet apart serve as a reminder to customers and clients to maintain social distancing when inside your building. These signs may feature footprints or stop signs indicating for visitors to wait before moving forward in a line. You can use this type of floor signage at checkout lanes, customer service counters, and reception desks to keep lines orderly and properly distanced. Work with your sign company to create repositionable signage, as this will make it easier for you to adjust the placement and distance between signs as needed.

Mask Reminders

If your company requires the use of a face mask for entrance into the building, consider adding signs to each entrance. An image of a mask along with a message in text can make it easier for all visitors to understand the requirement. You can also add your company's name and logo to the sign to clarify your mask mandate, so people know to wear their face coverings even if there is no mandate from the local, state, or federal government to do so. Adding signs throughout the inside of the building is also a good idea, as people may be tempted to take their masks off after gaining entrance to your business.

Hand Washing And Sanitizing Messaging

While you may already have signs in restrooms reminding staff to wash their hands before returning to work, it's a good idea to consider additional signage for the general public. Signs reminding visitors to wash their hands to help prevent the spread of germs can provide a great way to promote public health initiatives. If you offer sanitizer for visitors to use, consider signage that points visitors to the location of sanitizing stations. For example, you might keep a sanitizer station near rows of shopping carts and baskets in a grocery store. Adding signage to indicate the presence of sanitizer can help customers and clients feel more at ease when visiting your place of business.

While your public health department might make some signage available to businesses, having your own custom signs made provides a more professional look to your office or store. Be sure to put your company's name on all signage so visitors understand that the messages of health and safety are coming directly from you as a way to show you care about the public's health and safety.

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