An Inexpensive Way To Mail Out Sample Materials

If rising costs are affecting the manner in which you advertise your wares and you do not have the funding necessary to mail out bulky catalogs or leaflets that contain color photographs of your product line, you may have come to the conclusion that you need to alter the manner in which you begin each customer interaction. Instead of using printed materials as the main motivator for a sale, use cardboard shipping tubes to send out a targeted collection of samples.

Combine Your Website And Sample Packages

If you are selling home improvement products or components that can be used to make basic repairs, each person who contacts you about your merchandise may have a couple of items in mind, but be concerned about the properties that each material possesses. Photographs can aid in the sales process, but feeling a specific material and inspecting it up close can be more effective.

Rely upon your business website, to advertise materials and provide your patrons or potential customers with the option of receiving a sampler package. Cardboard shipping tubes will provide a snug area for materials to be stored while in transit.

You will potentially save money on shipping costs since tubes are lightweight and will be smaller in size than the packaging that you used to use to ship heavy advertising materials that are larger in diameter. Some tubes contain insulated chambers, which will provide moisture protection and will prevent items from moving around. 

Avoid Or Minimize Shipping Costs 

Cardboard shipping tubes are often brown or white, but you can choose a foil or dyed surface option, which will allow you to choose a distinct color that is symbolic of your company or product line. You can even purchase tubes that will be appropriate for a specific season, such as a gold and red striped tube that could be symbolic of Christmas or a pastel-colored tube that could represent your spring collection.

Purchase cardboard tubes that are various sizes or choose an adjustable tube style. Decide how many sample items to send out in each shipment. Lightweight materials that can be cut to size will fit neatly inside of a thin, short tube.

If you are going to offer several sample materials in the same shipment and each component is a different size and texture, choose a wider shipping tube style and purchase some packing peanuts or bubble wrap, to separate the items that will be shipped together. Request that your customers pay shipping fees upfront, via your website or offer a shipping discount, upon the return of each shipping tube that you send out.

Many people forget how helpful cardboard shipping tubes can be when sending out materials. Remember, this can easily be one of the most inexpensive and useful methods.

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