Rain Gutter Screens: FAQs About Installation

Gutter guards are often installed to ensure water flows easily through the gutter drainage system while also helping to keep debris out of the gutters. However, before these benefits can be realized, the gutter screens must be installed the right way. Here are a few questions that you may ask regarding the installation process of rain gutter guards.

Do Gutter Guards Work?

In order for rain gutter screens to do their job, they have to be installed properly. Professional contractors will ensure that the screens are situated properly to keep out debris, sticks, and leaves. Look for a roofing contractor with ample experience since they will know how to perform an inspection of the gutters to make sure the gutters are in tip-top condition before the guards are installed.

What Type of Materials Should Be Chosen for the Gutter Guards?

Many homeowners will opt for aluminum or stainless steel gutter guards since they are durable. Foam and sponge guards will create tension that helps keep debris out, but these type of guards will need to be replaced more often.

What Occurs During the Installation Process?

If you are installing wire, foam, or sponge gutter screens, the roofing professional will cut the sections so that they fit and then set them directly inside of the existing gutter system. There are some versions of gutter screens that require supports that the screens will slide into. There are also some other versions that simply screw into the fascia board to boost strength.

What Time of Year Is Best for the Installation of Gutter Screens?

Many homeowners will contact roofing contractors during the fall to have gutter screens installed, which means that professionals will likely be busy during this season. Though gutter guards can be installed at any time during the year, it is recommended that gutter screens be installed prior to storm season to help prevent leaves, twigs, and other natural debris from getting into the gutters, clogging them up, and causing moisture-related problems. Clogs can result in water being forced over the edge of the home's gutters, potentially causing serious damage to the siding. In some cases, the water may pool on the top of the roof, resulting in significant structural issues.

If you have been contemplating having gutter screens installed on your gutter system, contact a residential roofing contractor in your area, such as Access Screens, LLC, to learn more about the benefits and the rain gutter screen installation process.

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