4 Tips To Help You Deal With Old Water Lines That Are Decaying, Leaking, And Causing Problems

Older plumbing is vulnerable to a lot of problems, and this can lead to leaks and water damage as pipes decay. Therefore, you want to find the leaks and have repairs done when they are needed to avoid problems. You may need to just repair a leaking connection or replace lines that are causing the problems. The following tips will help you deal with the problems that cause pipes to fail and leaks that lead to water damage: 

Leaking Water Mains and Meters That Can Lead to Excessive Water Bills  

Over the years, water mains that carry water into your home can leak, which can cause problems with erosion and high water bills if the problems go unnoticed. These problems also affect water meters, which is why you may want to have the meter and main water line to your home checked to see if there is a problem with old pipes and the connection at the meter. This will ensure leaks do not cause damage to landscaping and high water bills at the end of the month.  

Problems with Mineral Deposits That Cause Leaks at the Fittings of Old Water Lines  

The fittings of old water lines can also cause problems that need to be repaired. This is often due to corrosion that occurs as mineral deposits build-up at the weak points of the fittings. If the problem is mostly due to the connections and not the entire pipe, it can usually be corrected by replacing the fitting.  

Damaged Insulation That Causes Problems With Condensation and Cold Weather Damage  

The insulation of pipes is important to help prevent problems with condensation forming, which can lead to water damage. Pipes without insulation that are exposed to outside air are also vulnerable to damage during winter weather. To prevent these problems, have all the exterior water lines insulated to ensure they do not become damaged due to condensation and cold weather.  

Chlorine and Other Chemicals Used to Treat Water That Eat Away at Old Water Lines  

The chemicals that are used to treat water that goes to your home can also cause damage. These chemicals include chlorine and other things that are added to water supplies. The chemical decay of water lines may require you to need to have them replaced to prevent leaks and water damage in your home.  

These are some tips to deal with decaying water lines that eventually leak and cause water damage in your home. If you need help with repairing older lines, contact a water lines repair service to ensure minor leaks do not lead to major water damage. 

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