4 Jobs To Work In The Summer As A Teenager

Finding a job as a teenager can be challenging. You have to find a job that is willing to work around the legal restrictions that dictate how many hours and what type of work teenagers can do. You also have to find a job that is okay with you being only a temporary worker. Luckily, there are lots of seasonal summer jobs you can pursue as a teenager.

Construction Work

Construction is another area where many companies are willing to hire seasonal workers. One of the great things about construction work is that you can gain skills in a field that you can pursue after college. Construction work will allow you to see and experience a wide variety of professions that you can pursue after high school via apprenticeships and trade schools. Construction and general labor jobs can lead not only to a summer job but can also help you choose a post-high school career.


Although school may be out for the summer, that doesn't mean that there are not opportunities for tutoring. Many parents hire tutors over the summer to help their child catch up in subjects that they struggled with or to help with summer courses that their child is taking. Summertime is also a popular prep time to study for tests, such as the SATs. You can find summer tutoring jobs through organizations that facilitate tutoring or on your own.

Yard Work

Next, yard work is a popular summer jobs. Many lawn care companies hire temporary workers because of the increase in their workload during the summertime. Lawn care can be very physically demanding work, but it also generally pays well.

You can work for an established lawn care company, or you can set up your own lawn care company and mow people's lawns and do other yard work for the summer. If you want to go this route, you may need to get started early in the spring.


There are lots of ways to work in childcare during the summertime. You can babysit for friends or family members. You can get hired as a summer nanny to help strangers take care of their children. You can work for a local summer camp or a sleep-away summer camp. There are summer camps in all types of fields looking to hire individuals, from soccer camps to STEM camps to YMCA day camps.

There are numerous types of summer jobs. The key is to start looking for summer jobs before school is out.

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