4 Ways To Stay Safe When Using A Propane Tank

If you have a propane tank that you use for gassing up your barbeque or for heating purposes, it is important that you know how to safely move, store and use the propane tank.

Keep Your Propane Tank Off When Not Using It

When you are not using your propane tank, make sure that you keep it off. You should not leave your propane tank on when you are not using it. Keeping your propane tank off is one of the best ways to protect yourself against accidental gas lights and explosions.

Be Cautious When You Detect a Bad Odor

If you ever smell a bad odor near your propane tank, you need to proceed with caution. You should turn the propane tank off. Keep all flammables away from the propane tank. Use a gas detector to determine if the propane tank is leaking gas.

Replace A Leaking Tank

If you do have a tank that is leaking, you are going to want to to have the propane supplies pick it up and dispose of it. You should not try to fix a leaking propane tank nor should you try to transport it yourself. Place the propane tank as far away from your house and any flammable source as possible, and schedule a pick up for the tank.

Over time, the rubber tubing on the propane tank can get brittle and worn down, which can lead to a leaking tank. Try to keep an eye on the quality of your tanks and seals; if they ever get worn down, replace them instead of continuing to use them.

Keep Your Propane Tank in an Open Space

Finally, always keep your propane tank in an open space. That way if fumes leak out of the tank, they will not be contained in one area, but will instead dissipate into the general atmosphere. You should not store your propane tanks in a shed, garage or basement. Store them outside, out of the direct sunlight, in an upright position and away from anything flammable.

Make sure that you are smart with your propane tank. Turn your propane tank off when you are not using it and close it up if you ever detect a bad odor and test for a leak. If there is a leak, be sure to replace the damaged tank and always store your propane tanks in an open space to ensure proper ventilation. 

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