Need A New Employee But Don't Have Time To Find One? What To Know

If advertising in the local classifieds and through online classified sites isn't getting you the applicants that you need to fill positions throughout your company, outsourcing the work to a job placement company, such as BIRK Staffing & Technical Services, may be a better option. A job placement company specializes in finding and hiring the qualified person you need in the workplace.

There is a lot that goes into narrowing down the right candidate, and figuring out which applicant is better than the best. Here are a few reasons you should find a placement company in your area.

Get the Highest Quality Candidates

The agency has a computer system in place that is going to weed out all the applicants that don't meet a certain criteria, so only the most qualified and desired candidates are left to go through. This means the people that don't have the educational requirements you're looking for, or the experience won't get through to the interview process, or won't be potential candidates for the job that you are offering.

Save Time

It can take a lot of time to go through applications. When you let a job placement agency find you an employee, you don't have to waste your own time doing the following:

  • Verifying educational background
  • Calling and talking to references
  • Looking at wage requirements and availability
  • Taking the time to interview the potential applicants

Instead, the job placement agency can bring you their top few applicants for you to pick from, or they can make the decisions choose someone for hire.

Avoid Workplace Problems

There can be a variety of problems when you have people in and out of your workplace to do job interviews, and when people are showing up asking if they got the job. You may not want people calling the office to talk with people that interviewed them, to follow up on their application and more. With the job placement agency you can have privacy, and candidates don't have to be told the name of your business unless they are in the final few people to be selected.

There are a lot of different issues that can arise when you start to do the interview process, or when you need to post a job opening. If you don't feel like dealing with the mess that comes with hiring a new staff member, but you need someone that can get the job done right, find a job placement agency to help you.

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