Growing Children: 3 Items To Keep In Storage Unit Rentals

As your children grow older, they will often transition through many difference aspects of their life. As you replace items with more age-appropriate goods, you have to decide what to do with everything else that is left behind. While a majority of clothes can be donated or passed down to other family members, there are three types of items that you should not get rid of. Instead of cluttering up your home, keeping these items in a storage unit will make them safe and protected until it is time to access them again. Keeping the following three items is ideal for increasing value, reusing the items, or giving them back to the child when they are a grown adult and about to have children of their own.


As your child transitions into different ages, so will their interest in toys. What once was a beloved favorite toy may now be collecting dust in the bottom of a toy box. Instead of just tossing out these toys, it's a good idea save them and keep them for multiple years. There are numerous toys that can gain value overtime. For example, a number of toys from the 1990s can now sell for hundreds of dollars. This includes basic action figures and small sets that were commonly found.

As you go through toys, keep ones that are in pretty good condition. If you have any of the original packaging from the toys, it could help increase value. Keeping the toys stored in a storage unit will help protect them and prevent damage or fading from natural light. If the toys have batteries in them, take the batteries out to help prevent leaks or deterioration.

Electronic Devices

There are a number of electronic devices that your child may no longer need but can serve a purpose in the future. Instead of shelling out money for new devices, it's good to know that these items will always be available in a storage unit. For example, your child may have used a dehumidifier as a toddler. The technology behind these devices stays relatively the same. Another type of electronic you can save is a sound machine. Babies often benefit from sound machines to help them sleep better. Save the sound machine until someone needs it in the future. They are great devices that can provide plenty of uses. As you go through electronic items, unplug and wrap up any adapters that are in them. Just like electronic toys, the batteries should also be removed to help prevent decay or leakage.


When properly taken care of, furniture can hold value and usefulness for many years to come. When a child grows out of a bed, you can save the frame and headboard instead of just disposing of the items. A child may also grow out of small chairs or little dining sets that they used to sit at. Solid wood furniture can retain a great resale value and should be kept in ideal conditions within a storage unit.

It's also a good idea to store any character-related furniture. You never know when a specific character or trademark will make a comeback. For example, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were popular in the early 1990s and had a huge resurgence in 2010. By keeping the old character items, you may find fans of the characters years in the future as they seek furniture for their own children. When storing the furniture in a unit, it's a good idea to cover up pieces with sheets. This can help prevent dust build-up and other damage. Keeping the furniture in mint condition can help ensure that it lasts for multiple years to come.

After the items have been gathered, you can contact a storage facility, such as 1st Stop Storage, to view different sizes and prices.

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