Local Election Campigns: Four Copier Features Ideal For Running A Smooth Office

As the election season approaches, many new offices will pop up as candidates built strong campaigns for mayors, senators, and other local state positions. If you're running an election campaign office, then you want to ensure that everything goes as smooth as possible. On of the more important areas to consider is the technology inside of an office. Copiers are used on a daily basis to distribute data, spread the word about candidates, and create mailers for the local community. Instead of just choosing any type of copier, you can pick one with specific features that can cater to the election needs. As you shop for copiers, look for the following features. Each one will help with different aspects of the campaign and be reliable up to the November election.

Automatic Document Feeders

For every election office, time is essential. Instead of wasting time standing at a copier, you could be busy giving interviews or reaching out to local community members. A lot of time can be saved in the office by choosing a copier with automatic document feeders. When large stacks of documents need to be copied, an automatic feeder can pull each sheet in one at a time instead of forcing you to manually insert the sheets. Some of the more advanced machines allow you to copy 200 pages at one time. Once the large document has finished copying, an audible indicator can let you know its finished. This allows you to get other work done at the office instead of just hanging out at the copier.

Envelope Feeder

When making copies of papers, you may need alternate sizes instead of just traditional papers. One of the best examples of this is on envelopes. Instead of manually adding campaign logos and office addresses to each envelope, you can purchase a copier that has an envelope feeder. This feeder will pull in an envelope and print return addresses and logos directly on them. When creating mailers, it's a lot easier to use this function and then fill the envelopes with election information. You can have the ability to print on hundreds of envelopes at a time. This will really help you reduce the preparation time and get the mailers out as soon as possible.

Paper Compatibility

Along with standard paper, you may want to use a copier to print out campaign ads and promotional posters. To ensure the posters last for a long time, you can purchase a copier that can handle thicker types of paper. For example, you can copy election posters onto glossy cardstock paper. The use of thicker paper can make the posters high quality and still copy quickly without the need for a special printer. Some copiers even let you print on larger sizes of paper. This allows you to print out large election posters or even lawn signs. When using the paper, you can select the size and settings on the copier screen. Double-sided copy functions will automatically feed the paper back in and print on the reserve side. This is ideal for all types of election signs.

Network Connectivity & Security

Along with copies, an advanced copier can be used as a printer. When printing in an election campaign office, there are often a lot of sensitive documents and information. When shopping for a copier, you want to select one with network security features on it. For example, when sending a document to the copier, you can keep it loaded in the queue until you are actually present at the copier. This will prevent anyone from seeing or taking the printed material. Advanced copiers can also automatically clear out the memory after each day. This prevents anyone from stealing scanned documents or information from the internal data on the copier.

By finding a copier with one or more of these features through a place like Lafayette Business Machines Inc, you can ensure that the election office runs smoothly. After the election is over, the copier can continue to be used in a regular business or an elected official's main office area.

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