4 Hidden Cameras Ideal For Homes With Teenagers

As child transitions into a teenager, there may be a number of changes that you notice at home. A teenager may naturally become more rebellious and less communicative with parents. During this process, you may lose some trust in your child. To help monitor the situation and ensure that your teenager is acting appropriately, you may decide to monitor their home life with hidden cameras. Hidden cameras are great for monitoring living rooms, kitchens, and other areas of the home. While you're working or out for the night, these cameras can help monitor guests at the house, alcohol consumption, or any other concerns that you may have. There are four different types of hidden cameras you can choose from to help monitor your teen. Each camera can blend into the surrounding area and create an ideal way to monitor your home.

Outlet Cover Hidden Camera

Add clear visuals of specific rooms by installing an outlet cover hidden camera. The traditional outlet cover in the room is removed and replaced with an outlet cover that features a small pinhole camera in the center of it. This camera can provide you to specific views towards entryways of a home or near electronics like the television. When the outlets are facing entryways you can easily monitor your teenager as they leave and enter the home. It can also be used to monitor any friends that are invited over. These cameras typically store footage on a small media card that can be retrieved from the outlet to download and view footage. Some of the outlets also have motion sensors that will only record footage when movement is detected.

Smoke Detector Hidden Camera

Hanging up a camera that is conspicuous and not so obvious has the best chances of staying hidden. A working smoke detector hidden camera is perfect for this task. When hung up, a teenager will not think twice about the camera components that are hidden inside. Smoke detectors can be hung up high on walls, providing great visuals of a whole room. It prevents cut off angles or areas that are blocked out of view. Because of the high heights, these cameras often feature Wi-Fi streaming capabilities. This allows you to stream and access recorded footage like a DVR.

Mantle Clock Hidden Camera

If you have a fireplace or decorative mantle, then a mantle clock is an ideal hidden camera. It can blend well into the mantle and showcase a clear view of the room that it is recording. If an outlet is near, then the camera clock can be plugged in to provide continuous coverage without having to recharge a battery. Clocks can be purchased in both modern and antique styles. Choose a style that matches other decorations in your home so it can all blend in a lot easier. All of the clocks on these designs are actually working, so it can help hide the fact that there is a camera inside.

Digital Picture Frame Hidden Camera

If you're looking for a hidden camera you can move around different rooms then a digital picture frame hidden camera is an ideal option. The frames are easy to move and position in multiple directions. For example, you can set the frame up on a kitchen counter and point it towards the refrigerator to help monitor alcoholic drinks. The frames often have a Wi-Fi signal so you can watch live feeds of the footage. The frames actually work and can display a slide show of photos that runs on a constant basis. Pictures can be uploaded using a media card while a hidden media card compartment is used to store video footage.

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