Copier Software Programs That Help Lower Business Expenses: 3 Features To Look For

Rather than outsourcing all copying and printing jobs your business needs, you can save a considerable amount of money for your business if you purchase a copier instead. It only costs approximately $0.40 per page to print colored documents in-house in comparison to over $1.60 per page when the same job is outsourced. When shopping around for copiers, it's crucial that you spend some time also looking at the type of software programs that the copiers come with, and the specific features that are offered in each program. Some software features, like the 3 mentioned in this article, can help your business further lower operation costs.

Automatic Waste Detection for Unnecessary Pages

Did you know that your average office worker will print approximately 10,000 pages per year, which will cost an average of $725? If you can encourage office workers to reduce the amount of pages that they print, you can save a significant amount on paper. Surprisingly, many documents and important files contain blank pages or pages that are fundamentally unnecessary. In reality, printing these pages is just going to be a waste of money.

Copier software programs are now able to automatically detect which pages are unnecessary and eliminate them from the print job. This will include blank pages that are often cushioned between different chapters of contracts or business plans. These software programs are also able to scan through print jobs and pick out pages that may be irrelevant or unnecessary. These pages will be displayed on the copier screen, so employees can manually determine whether the pages are needed or not.

Image and Text Removal for Lowering Ink Costs

Printer ink is basically the most expensive liquid you can buy, with the cheapest ink costing at least $13 for an ounce. Your business probably spends hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars each year on ink alone, so you definitely want to make sure that your employees are only printing what's necessary on each page in an effort to save on printer ink.

Many copier software programs also have features that allow users to remove certain images, blocks of text and portions of the page that is not necessary for the print job. With a couple of clicks, you can essentially white out parts of each page that you have photocopied before they print. It's also a great feature for correcting small mistakes on the page with little effort.

Page Size Reduction without Compromising Clarity

When copying and printing files, the size of the pages can be reduced most of the time, and you'll still be able to read everything just fine. This is usually a simple feature you'll find when printing documents from a computer or laptop. Newer copier models offer the same option. What you put in the photocopier is not necessary what you can only get out. For example, just because the brochure is a certain size, it does not mean that the photocopied results need to be the same.  

Each page that you photocopy will be saved in the copier software program. You can then reduce the size of each page in an attempt to perhaps fit two pages in one without compromising the clarity of the blocks of text or images of each page. To reduce the area of an image in half, you only need to shrink it by 30%.


Newer copier models come with software programs that reduce printing costs significantly. These software programs connect straight to your network and can be accessed from the copier itself or from a laptop or computer. They are easy to use and give your office workers more control over what is being photocopied and printed on a daily basis.

For more information and options for copier features and programs, talk with copier supply companies, like Des Plaines Office Equipment Company.

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